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ELA Activities in the Construction Sector (2023-2024)

This booklet provides an overview of ELA’s activities in the construction sector in 2023-2024 aimed at improving cross-border workers’ and companies’ conditions in the construction sector.

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2024/09 Management Board Decision - the Final Accounts of the European Labour Authority for the year 2023

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2024/08 Management Board Decision - amending Single Programming Document of the European Labour Authority for 2024-2026

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2024/07 Management Board Decision - laying down rules on the secondment to the European Labour Authority of national experts including National Liaison Officers and national experts in professional training

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2024/06 Management Board Decision - The request for the Commission agreement for derogation from implementing rules to the Staff Regulations

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2024/05 Management Board Decision - on the application by analogy of the Commission Decision amending the general implementing provisions for Articles 11 and 12 of Annex VIII to the Staff Regulations on the transfer of pension rights

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2024/04 Management Board Decision - Security Rules for handling Sensitive Non-Classified Information (SNC) at the European Labour Authority

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2024/03 Management Board Decision - The appointment of the members and alternates of the Stakeholder Group

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2023 ELA Annual Accounts

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ELA TECH Conference 3rd edition | Call for papers 2024

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