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Call for good practices

Every year, the European Labour Authority launches a call to collect good practice examples on various areas related to EU labour mobility. Through the call, ELA promotes the exchange, dissemination and uptake of good practices and knowledge collected in Member States in the effective application and enforcement of labour law within the EU.  

The topics of the call for good practices may vary each year and reflect ELA’s sectoral or cross-sectoral priorities.

The call is open to Member State administrations, but also to other stakeholders operating at national, regional or local level, including civil society and social partner organisations.

Call for good practices 2024

Call for good practices in a nutshell

What is a good practice?

  • A good practice is a policy that targets a specific group, visible, accessible, and funded sustainably.
  • It yields the intended or better outcomes and can either be a standalone policy or part of a wider framework.

The core principles of good practices embody inclusivity, stakeholder involvement, innovativeness, cost-effectiveness, replicability, and evidence-based approaches.

Which topics are covered?

The topics of the call for good practices reflect ELA’s priorities such as labour market imbalances, sector-specific challenges and enforcement issues.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants are Member State administrations, social security institutions, civil society, and social partner organisations.

What are the benefits of participation?

Participation offers recognition at the European level, opportunities to showcase practices, visibility on ELA's website, and the chance to contribute to the exchange of cross-border practices.

How to submit a good practice?

Submission details are available in the current call for good practices.

Which are the selection criteria?

Exemplary practices will be evaluated based on a set of criteria. These include achievements, alignment with the call's topics, cost-effectiveness, transferability, sustainability, innovativeness, and digitalization aspects.

Selected good practices

Exemplary practices are selected each year and awarded at ELA conference.


Preventing social security fraud 



Road Transport 

Seasonal Work