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European Labour Authority

ELA ensures that EU rules on labour mobility and social security coordination are enforced in a fair and effective way and makes it easier for citizens and businesses to reap the benefits of the internal market

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ela ilo workshop

ILO and ELA joined forces to reduce the risks of undeclared work, labour exploitation and trafficking in persons fleeing the war in Ukraine

The workshop organised by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Labour Authority (ELA) resulted in  recommendations to EU and other European countries, including Ukraine and Moldova, on how to respond to the risks of trafficking in human beings, forced labour and undeclared work of the persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.

people around the table at EHA headquarters

Mr. Marius-Constantin Budăi, Romanian Minister of Labour and Social Security and Labour and Social Network of Attachés visited ELA

Mr. Marius-Constantin Budăi, the Romanian Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity, met the Executive Director of ELA, Mr. Cosmin Boiangiu today in Bratislava, Slovakia. They opened ELA event with the network of Labour and Social Attaché working at Romanian Embassies in EU Member States. The aim of the event was to strengthen cooperation in promoting fair labour mobility.