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ELA publishes its Framework for action in road transport

The main actions in 2022 will be transparent information to drivers and operators, support of concerted and joint inspections, capacity building and enhanced cooperation between the national authorities. The framework for action is an important milestone in addressing the challenges in implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation in road transport area.

inspections on trucks

Action Week: inspections on European roads

The “Truck&Bus” action week ended on Friday: 184 vehicles were checked, >120 suspected irregularities discovered, almost 200 inspectors involved. Roadside checks were made in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal. Safety on European roads was the focus, including working conditions of drivers. ELA and ROADPOL facilitated the cooperation of Member States authorities.

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New rules on the posting of drivers applicable as of today

New rules on the posting of drivers set by Directive (EU) 2020/1057 are applicable as of today. Under the new rules, Member States have the obligation to provide transparent information about the remuneration of posted drivers when they are operating on their territory. Operators will also need to use the Posting Declaration Portal - public interface of the Internal Market Information system (IMI) to submit posting declarations.

 Healthcare skills are among the most impacted occupations by the pandemic. Picture Unsplash.

Analysis of shortage and surplus occupations 2021

The annual shortage and surplus occupations report analyses skills shortages and surpluses in the EU. This report covers the period between the second half of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, providing insights into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market.

Signing in with on the EURES portal with EU Login

EURES Portal access changes to EU Login on January 2022

As of January 2022, access to accounts on the EURES portal will be available only with EU Login credentials. The EU Login is a European Commission system of authentication for all its IT systems. EU Login has the advantage of increasing security and protection of personal data stored in the portal.


Inspection of road transport companies in Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Belgium supported by European Labour Authority

Italian, Romanian, Slovak and Belgian enforcement authorities cooperated in a concerted inspection on 3 December 2021 that focused on transport companies with branches in all four Member States. The results will be exchanged between the participating Member States to establish whether possible violations of posting rules, working and employment conditions, health and safety or establishment rules occurred.


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