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Provision of analytical and methodological support services (ELA/2023/OP/0031)

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Procurement details

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Procurement description

ELA is looking for a contractor to perform the following tasks:

Lot 1 – Quantitative data compilation and analysis, mixed methods

• Task 1.1 – Collection, compilation and analysis of labour market and/or labour mobility data

• Task 1.2 – Mapping of existing data sources at international/European/EU and national level

• Task 1.3 – Methodological support for data collection and compilation, including the development of composite indicators and statistical data models

• Task 1.4 – Regular maintenance of established analytical tools

• Task 1.5 – Surveys related to labour mobility, social security, and/or tackling undeclared work

• Task 1.6 – Policy evaluation

• Task 1.7 – Project management and quality assurance

Lot 2 – Qualitative analysis and mapping, mixed methods

• Task 2.1 –Analysis on specific topics related to labour mobility, social security or tackling undeclared work

• Task 2.2 – Information needs analysis

• Task 2.3 – Mapping of existing information sources, contact points, support services in the field of labour mobility, social security, and/or relevant for tackling undeclared work

• Task 2.4 – Research related to ELA’s and EURES communication activities

• Task 2.5 – Project management and quality assurance

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 21 September 2023, 16:00 Bratislava time

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