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ELA’s mediation procedure: discover the service offered to the Member States

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Now available in all EU languages a comprehensive leaflet on ELA’s mediation procedure for national authorities.


ELA published a comprehensive a leaflet to ELA’s mediation procedure for national authorities as a source of information on the structure, features and processes connected to submitting a case. The leaflet is available in all EU languages.

Download - ELA's mediation procedure leaflet

Mediation at ELA

Mediation at ELA is a tailor-made and voluntary mechanism offered to Member States when they have divergent viewpoints regarding individual cases of application of EU labour mobility or social security coordination legislation, and they are unable to resolve it through direct contact and dialogue. These Member States can request ELA to launch a mediation procedure with the aim to find a non-binding solution to the issue in question.

Which disputes can ELA mediate

ELA can mediate all disputes concerning individual cases between national authorities from two or more Member States regarding the application of EU legislation in the following areas can be mediated with the support of ELA:

  • free movement of workers;
  • posting of workers;
  • social security coordination; and
  • social aspects of international road transport which fall within the scope of ELA’s mandate.

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For additional information on the mediation procedure, actors involved and phases, go to the leaflet on Mediation procedure [EN] available also in all EU language versions.

More on mediation at ELA: Mediation | European Labour Authority (