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Coordination and support of concerted and joint inspections

Servicenational authoritiessocial partners

ELA supports Member States in conducting concerted and joint inspections related to enforcement of EU rules on labour mobility and social security coordination within the Union, by providing conceptual, logistical and technical assistance, legal expertise, as well as translation and interpretation services during inspections. 

Who can submit cases: 

  • national authorities of the Member States
    (Ministries, labour inspectorates, social security organisations, other authorities mandated to enforce Union law in the areas under ELA’s competence)
  • social partners

How to to submit cases: 

  • public national authorities of the Member States submit a case description to ELA via the National Liaison Officer for the relevant Member State;
  • national social partners can submit cases to ELA using the same case description template but first they must signal their intention to submit a case to ELA to the relevant national authorities. Following its assessment, ELA identifies which measures are appropriate for addressing the case, such as a proposal to national authorities to carry out a cross-border inspection, organisation of an information campaign or capacity-building activities.  

More on how to submit a case: Guidelines for concerted and joint inspections.

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