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Labour shortages and surpluses in Europe 2023

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The latest release of the EURES report on labour market imbalances paints a vivid picture of a tightening labour landscape across Europe. Despite a backdrop of slower economic growth, a notable trend emerges: companies are engaged in fierce competition for talent willing and able to fill roles at locations where demand is high. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in sectors such as construction, engineering, healthcare, and ICT.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are multifaceted, reflecting the dynamic nature of today's economy. Structural shifts, driven by digitalization and the imperative of transitioning to more sustainable practices, are reshaping skill demands. Concurrently, demographic shifts and evolving societal norms play pivotal roles. Additionally, factors such as unattractive working conditions and mismatches between jobseekers' preferences and employers' offerings contribute to the challenge.

Among the occupations facing the most acute shortages, a few stand out: heavy truck drivers, nursing professionals (including specialists), doctors, electricians, roofers, waiters, and construction labourers. These shortages are not only widespread but also severe, exerting significant pressures on industries and economies alike.

The report itself has evolved notably, especially within the past two years. While data from EURES National Coordination Offices remains a cornerstone, the inclusion of additional quantitative and qualitative sources enriches the analysis. 

Notably, this edition features a dedicated examination of labour shortages within the construction sector, shedding light on a critical aspect of the broader labour market landscape.

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Report on labour shortages and surpluses 2023

English (2.58 MB - PDF)

ELA Agenda of the EURES Labour shortages and surpluses in Europe event - 18 April 2024

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ELA - EURES Labour shortages and surpluses in Europe event presentation - 18 April 2024

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