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IMI-PROVE Programme: last meeting of 2022 held in Bratislava and future perspectives

The last meeting of 2022 held in Bratislava under the IMI PROVE Programme gathered experts from 26 Member States. Further activities foreseen in 2023.


Around 130 experts from 26 Member States attended the two-day workshop held at ELA Headquarters, Bratislava (and online) on the 6-7 December 2022. The main focus of the workshop were the three new IMI System modules for the road transport sector, with a spotlight on tackling the letterbox companies in the sector. The workshop was organized by ELA under the IMI-PROVE Programme, in cooperation with the European Commission - DG MOVE and DG GROW who were the leading panelists, as well as DG EMPL and DIGIT in listening mode.

The agenda foresaw a detailed discussion among the representatives of the Member States, who in vast majority were the direct users of the system, and provided concrete feedback on the use of the Posting Declarations module, including suggestions of improvements and solutions options.

The event held in Bratislava in December was the last of a series of IMI-PROVE meetings organised in 2022 by ELA: two onsite hybrid meetings and two online meetings based on four different Pillars of the IMI-PROVE Programme.

IMI-PROVE in 2023 and beyond

The IMI-PROVE Programme  was established in close cooperation with the European Commission to reinforce cooperation and mutual assistance between Member States by stimulating a more robust and effective use of the Internal Market Information (IMI) System modules for posting of workers and road transport. Being one of the few safe and multilingual tools for the exchange of information and cooperation available for MS in the field of labour mobility, the IMI System has a strategical relevance in enforcing the existing rules on posting and mobility in road sector.

IMI-PROVE is a multiannual Program with a stable forum of IMI users, that will continue in 2023 and beyond with a frequency depending on the needs and proposals from the Member States. With this Programme ELA aims at focusing at the use of digital tools for the exchange of information, and then open the discussion on other two digital tools like the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) and the European Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU).

ELA’s main role is to support Member States in coherent and effective use of the tool, gathering also a feedback on the functionality of the system. The meetings were highly productive and provided for an extensive feedback that will now feed into a proper report and follow-up action plan.

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