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Enhancing cross-border cooperation in the area of posting of workers: ELA launches the Posting 360 Programme

The European Labour Authority, together with the European Commission, is launching the Posting 360 Mutual Learning and Understanding Programme. ELA Forum on the Posting of Workers is the first event of the Programme, taking place at ELA Headquarters in Bratislava on 13 and 14 March.

Enhancing cross-border cooperation in the area of posting of workers: ELA launches the Posting 360 Programme

The Forum on the Posting of Workers brings together national authorities from labour law and social security coordination fields as well as social partners and other independent experts. The aim of the Forum is to exchange views with the Commission and ELA on the main aspects relating to the posting of workers, increase common knowledge and expertise, and identify the priorities for actions under the Posting 360 Programme

The Forum will meet in Bratislava twice per year. 

ELA Posting 360 Programme 

The Forum is the first meeting organised under the Posting 360 Programme. It is a multi-annual framework for extensive cooperation between the relevant stakeholders with a view to improve the exchange of information, enhance administrative cooperation and increase knowledge on EU and national rules on the posting of workers.  

Under the umbrella of this programme, ELA has identified six priority areas of work namely: 

  1. implementation of the Directives on Posting of Workers; 

  1. posted Third-Country Nationals; 

  1. implementation of social security coordination rules to posted workers; 

  1. information exchange and digitalisation opportunities for authorities, employers and workers; 

  1. effective administrative procedures and control measures; 

  1. facilitation of collection and improvement of data.  

With these priority areas, ELA covers some of the most relevant current topics in the field of posting that deserve attention.

Posting of workers: a key priority for ELA 

The posting of workers has been at the centre of ELA activities in its first two years of operations. Several challenges are ahead: strengthening cross-border cooperation between the national authorities and the social partners, as well as facilitating the exchange of expertise and knowledge on specific aspects related to posting. 

Within the ELA Week on the Posting of Workers, other events related to the posting of workers will take place: posting of workers in the construction sector will also be the focus of the ELA Working Group meeting on Information that will take place on  15 March. 

On 16 -17 March, ELA will also host a meeting of the Eurodetachement project aimed at contributing to the enhancement of the implementation and correct application of Directive 96/71/EC3 concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the transnational provision of services. The project is funded by the European Commission and led by the French National Institute for Labour, Employment and Professional Training (INTEFP) together with partners from 14 EU Member States. 

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