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ELA Tech Conference 2nd edition - save the date

ELA TECH conference: last days to register and full agenda published!

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Registrations for online attendance are still open. Discover the full agenda. 


Unlock the future of labour mobility at the upcoming ELA TECH conference themed "Artificial Intelligence – New Chapter for the Labour Market?" taking place in Madrid, Spain on February 1, 2024. Whether attending in person or online, seize the chance to participate in insightful discussions on leveraging AI strategically to address challenges, automate processes, and optimize workflows in labour markets and mobility.

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Full agenda here

Explore panel discussions:

  1. Decoding the Labour Market: Uncover AI's potential in understanding labour markets and safeguarding workers' rights.
  2. Job and Skills Matching: Revolutionize your understanding of how AI can reshape job and skills matching, creating new pathways for career growth.
  3. Social Security Coordination: Delve into the transformative role of AI in enhancing social security coordination.

Spotlight on innovative technical solutions for labour mobility.

Solutions submitted during the 2023 call for papers will be showcased during the conference.

This conference is a vital part of ELA's ongoing commitment to building a digitalized Authority that fosters the use of existing digital tools and encourages innovative solutions for fair and effective labour mobility within the European Union.


Agenda - ELA Tech conference

ELA TECH Conference - 2nd edition - Artificial Intelligence: New Chapter for the Labour Market?
Madrid, Spain 1 February 2024.

English (284.04 KB - PDF)