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ELA successfully supported another Truck and Bus operation in May 2023

The inspections, organised by ELA in cooperation with ROADPOL, took place between the 8th and 14th of May and involved 11 Member States in another successful week of road transport action.

Group of inspectors in line, back to the camera, looking at trucks and cars during an inspection

Action weeks on road transport sector took place in 2022 and February 2023, where together with ROADPOL, ELA supported a series of cross-border inspections. These inspections continued this year in May and were carried out in five different Member States (Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Italy and Lithuania) focusing on aspects falling under ELA’s mandate, namely workers’ rights, driving and resting time, posting conditions and general working conditions.

During these inspections, 142 vehicles were thoroughly checked by competent national authorities. 115 enforcement officers, out of which 28 were observers, from 11 Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands and Slovenia) participated in the action week in a concerted effort to tackle irregularities in this field and to improve cooperation between authorities.

The action week in numbers:

  • 142 vehicles checked
  • 135 infringements detected
  • 115 enforcement officers involved, including 28 observers from other Member States.
  • 11 Member States involved

ELA`s experts and National Liaison Officers were deployed to the sites and provided organisational, conceptual and logistical support to the inspections, including interpretation, which is a crucial element for the success of this type of activity.

A multidisciplinary approach allowed for comprehensive compliance checks ensuring that the  EU rules related to road transport are followed.  In total, 135 infringements were detected. One Member State has already reported that fines amounting to EUR 17,000 have been issued. The number of violations shows how important the efforts are to promote compliance and ensure the well-being of workers and safety of road users.  

ELA will continue to support inspections during the action weeks under the framework of ROADPOL/ ECR - Euro Controle Route “Truck and Bus Operations”. The next action week is planned to take place later this year. ELA will also facilitate and support targeted cross-border inspections requested by Member States or on the basis of cases submitted by social partner organisations.

ELA, together with its partners, remains committed to promoting compliance with the European transport legislation and helping national authorities to ensure that the drivers' and employer’s rights and obligations are respected.


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