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ELA publishes its Framework for action in road transport

The main actions in 2022 will be transparent information to drivers and operators, support of concerted and joint inspections, capacity building and enhanced cooperation between the national authorities. The framework for action is an important milestone in addressing the challenges in implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation in road transport area.

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The international road transport sector constitutes an increasingly important area for the operations of ELA. The Framework for Action in road transport for 2022 will mobilize ELA’s resources, within the mission to ensure fair and effective labour mobility across the EU, to develop an integrated set of instruments and processes in three areas: information, cooperation, enforcement and analysis. 

ELA’s Framework for Action: key pillars 

ELA will: 

  • propose improvements to the Your Europe Portal as regards the information from national sources and  on road transport. ELA will also coordinate an information campaign to raise awareness on rights and obligations in road transport in the second half of 2022; 

  • support cooperation of national authorities by organising information sessions and hands-on trainings on the new modules of IMI and on the Posting Declaration Portal. ELA will also organise activities to exchange best practices in cooperation and tackling of undeclared work; 

  • assist national enforcement authorities to launch or participate in cross-border concerted or joint inspections, organise intra-European demonstration days and specific weeks of actions in cooperation with relevant partners. 

ELA’s contribution to the EU framework for international road transport 

The European Union aims at ensuring adequate social protection of road transport workers, guaranteeing fair competition between operators, and improving road safety by averting road fatigue. This is done through the legislation included in the so-called Mobility Package I. ELA’s Framework of Action for the Road Transport sector is an important contribution to this task and it addresses the challenges in implementation and enforcement of the EU framework for international road transport


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