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ELA Call for Good Practices Annual Conference 2024 webnews

ELA awards 3 exemplary practices selected from the call 2023

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National institutions of Bulgaria, The Netherlands and Portugal received the awards during the ELA annual conference. 


The European Labour Authority awarded three exemplary practices during the ELA conference held in Brussels on 27 June 2024The Call for Good Practices 2023 yielded 23 selected good practices focusing on two fields: construction and preventing social security fraud

In the ‘construction‘ category, the exemplary practice award was given to: 

  • General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency from Bulgaria for their good practice Transnational Cooperation of Governmental and Nongovernmental Actors for the information, prevention and solving of transborder cases in construction sector’. The Bulgarian Labour Inspectorate cooperates closely with Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg with the aim to support Bulgarian workers in Germany. 

In the ‘preventing social security fraud‘ category, the exemplary practice award was given to:

In the ‘Other‘ category, the exemplary practice award was given to:

  • The Netherlands Labour Authority from the Netherlands for their good practice ‘ checklists for employers’. The Netherlands Labour Authority created digital checklists  to support employers in being compliant with the law and make legislation accessible to them. 

The other 23 selected practices will receive certificates of recognition and can be accessed on ELA’s website, in the database of good practices Call for Good Practices 2023.

Background information

The call for good practices is a recurring initiative first launched by ELA in June 2022. The purpose of the call is to exchange, disseminate and uptake good practices and knowledge collected by Member States and other stakeholders that operate at the national, regional or local level, including social security institutions, civil society and social partner organisations. Each annual call has a specified deadline for submission of good practices. Each year there is a different set of priorities.

The findings from the calls are anticipated to contribute to the effective application and enforcement of EU labour mobility law within the EU, by encouraging good practice exchange, and their potential further application by Member States.