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ELA adopts strategy to assist Member States with capacity building in 2024-2030

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ELA has launched a Capacity Building Strategy for 2024-2030 to enhance cooperation and knowledge sharing among Member States. 


The document outlines ELA’s mission and vision for its capacity building activities, with the goal of becoming a key partner in Europe in matters related to labour mobility.  

The primary aim of the capacity building strategy is to assist Member States and other ELA stakeholders in improving their ability to correctly apply and enforce EU labour mobility laws. This involves providing flexible and comprehensive support through various initiatives.  

The ELA capacity building strategy establishes a long-term perspective for the ELA Capacity Building services built around three main principles: 

  1. Knowledge – ELA will collect and share information about applying and enforcing EU labour mobility law; 
  2. Networking – ELA will foster connections and mutual learning among Member States and stakeholders involved in labour mobility; 
  3. Technical focus – ELA will prioritise the use of advanced tools and technologies for electronic information exchange between national institutions. 

These principles will help ELA to support national authorities and social partners in preparing for challenges in cross-border labour mobility,  to create a common understanding of the rules that govern labour mobility, and  to acquire the necessary skills to deal with stakeholders and changing trends. 

The strategy involves various activities, including different types of training programmes tailored to specific needs, staff exchanges, sharing of good practices, mutual learning and understanding programmes, and workshops. The document also suggests strengthening collaboration with other stakeholders like the European Commission, EU and international bodies, such as the International Labour Organisation, national training centres, universities, research centres, and NGOs.  

The strategy will be implemented gradually over the next seven years, aligning with ELA's development and the emerging needs of its stakeholders. 

For more details, check the ELA capacity building strategy document. 

Capacity building strategy 2024-2030

The document establishes the mission, vision, objectives and strategy for structured capacity building to enhance knowledge of EU labour mobility law. It also includes methods for measuring performance and an annual plan of activities for 2024.

English (376.94 KB - PDF)