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Over 60 inspectors from 21 EU Member States trained by the European Labour Authority in Bratislava

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The European Labour Authority (ELA) organised a week-long Training for labour and social inspectors on 4-8 December 2023. More than 60 inspectors participated in the training, which ended with a roadside mock-inspection in Bratislava, Slovakia. The objective of the training was to enhance the inspectors’ knowledge and skills on cross-border inspections.


Press release

The training programme covered five key topics:

  • concerted and joint inspections in practice;
  • international cooperation and information exchange;
  •  coordination of social security systems;
  • EU legislation on posting of workers and enforcement, and;
  • soft skills and trust-building between inspectors.

The training  related to labour mobility and social security coordination. It had a practical approach  which included training sessions on the tools and procedures used for planning, executing  and following up on cross-border inspections.

The training programme concluded with a simulated and practical road transport inspection carried out at a parking lot in central Bratislava. The mock-inspection was designed to train the participants in real life scenarios. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to exchange good practices and share their experiences from different Member States and sectors.

Background information

ELA’s training programme on inspections is part of ELA’s efforts to support the capacity building in Member States in the area of labour mobility. This type of training will be held annually and will eventually evolve into a formally recognised training programme.

Press contacts

Pia Fallström

European Labour Authority
Communications Head of Sector & Spokesperson