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Construction Sector Leaflet

Leaflet: “Posted Workers in the Construction Sector: Know your Rights and Obligations” is available online now!

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ELA has published its new information leaflet for posted workers in the construction sector. It provides information about the rights of posted workers in this specific sector and the actions to take before and during the posting.


ELA’s new leaflet contains information about the rights of the construction workers in relation to the terms and conditions of their posting. The document also gives an insight into what workers should do when being posted and what they do not have to do. Finally, they learn about where to seek support if difficulties should occur. Complementary information is available on different EU websites and the leaflet contains directions to those sites.

The leaflet will be made available in print as well as online in 40 different languages, including all EU languages, and will be shared with workers during inspections on construction sites and in connection with information activities in the Member States.

ELA’s annual work programme for 2023 contains a focus on the construction sector.

In November 2022, ELA published its annual work programme for 2023 with a focus on the construction sector which is the EU’s biggest employer with 13 million people employed directly. This economic sector is particularly dependent on labour mobility as, in 2021, it accounted for around 25% of portable documents A1 - PD A1s (issued under article 12). All posted workers must have a PD A1 document which is used to prove that social security contributions are paid in the home country while the worker is posted.

In line with its work programme, ELA announced a number of activities planned for 2023, including the set-up of a coordinated information and awareness raising campaign on posting in the construction sector. One of the main goals of this campaign that will be launched later this year, will be to address information gaps for posted workers and their employers regarding their rights and obligations.   

ELA’s campaign activities are currently being prepared in close cooperation with EU social partners and the Member States with whom ELA meets on a regular basis. In addition, the Authority supports joint and concerted inspections in the construction sector to strengthen cross-border enforcement of the rules.

Leaflets can be found here: