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Getting to know ELA - a discussion with European capitals: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg

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Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were next on the list of countries that ELA’s Executive Director, Cosmin Boiangiu, has visited as part of a series of meetings in EU capitals. Mr Boiangiu aims to present ELA’s mission and vision in order to bring ELA closer to all EU countries.


In Belgium, the Executive Director met several Ministers including the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Social Affairs and Health, together with other authorities where the mediation possibilities of the Authority and the capability for capacity building in domains like labour mobility and social security coordination were discussed extensively. Belgian Ministers were also interested in discussing the fight against social dumping, and the potential enforcement actions that ELA could support. Additionally, the use of digitization and the need to exchange existing good practices in this regard were touched upon.

In the Netherlands, Mr Boiangiu met with Minister of Social Affairs and Employment and other authorities.  All interlocutors indicated they see a crucial role for the ELA in promoting fair labour mobility and building more trust between EU Member States. Director Boiangiu indicated that the ambitions are high.

Important meetings were also held with the Luxembourgish Ministers and administrations. Luxembourg, where half of the workforce consist of commuters, is highly dependent on the free movement of workers. The Luxembourgish authorities welcomed the priorities of ELA, in particular the actions on road transport and the construction sector.

All three countries expressed their readiness in taking part in joint and concerted inspections.