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ELA and Slovakia promote a discussion on the posting of workers, together with Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania

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The European Labour Authority held a multinational event promoted by Slovakia in ELA’s headquarters dedicated to the posting of workers, particularly the posting of third country nationals with the Slovak neighbouring countries and Baltic states.  


One of the most relevant and sensitive topics for many Member States in the area of posting of workers was at the center of the event held in Bratislava on 17, 18 and 19 of October. Strengthening cooperation among the Member States and exchanging information on the different national perspectives, experiences and challenges in the field of posting of third country nationals, was the main focus of the event promoted by ELA and Slovakia through its National Liaison Officer. 

The event gathered representatives from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, and Lithuania dealing with the posting of workers according to the Directive on the posting of workers and regulations on the coordination of social security systems in general. They discussed their national experiences in the application of the European legislation in the field of posting of workers, exchanged information on current national practices concerning the assessment of the situations of posting of workers, and identified practical issues from the different national perspectives in ensuring that fair posting conditions are respected. Ultimately, this event provided the opportunity to compare the Slovak application of relevant legislation with its application in the other Member States. 

The event was supported by a presentation of each Member State about their respective national procedure related to the application of the European Union posting legislation, followed by discussions on the common views about the practical modalities of the application of the EU rules regarding the posting of third-country nationals that will be congregated in a join-paper between the Member States involved. 

ELA plans to carry out work with all Member States and the social partners to ensure that third-country nationals are posted in the EU under safe and fair conditions. By the end of the year, ELA will also deliver an Analytical Report exploring administrative challenges in the enforcement of the Posting Directives to the third-country nationals. The report will be the basis for future actions by the Authority. 

Through its network of National Liaison Officers, the Authority will continue supporting the organisation of national events to promote the functions of ELA in the Member States, with further three events scheduled for this year.