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Report on the awareness of labour mobility services

Awareness of labour mobility services: ELA releases a new report

Published date

ELA published today a new report on the awareness of labour mobility services.


In December 2022 the European Labour Authority ran a survey among social partners and the EURES network on the awareness of, satisfaction and cooperation with and the usage of labour mobility services currently available across Member States. These services are EURES, SOLVIT, Your Europe Advice, Enterprise Europe Network, national liaison offices for the posting of workers and the free movement bodies, and the Your Europe portal as the information source. The survey also examined what services are currently needed, what services are not sufficiently provided and what steps – according to respondents – are necessary for improving end-users’ satisfaction with the labour mobility services offer.

Main findings:

  • Services are not sufficiently known among those involved in labour mobility.
  • Information on posting of workers, administrative steps to be followed in another country and on specific types of labour mobility is both needed and not sufficiently provided.
  • Respondents prefer internet-based information on labour mobility accessible through a single access point, as long as it is complemented by personalised, tailor-made and all-encompassing assistance.

Based on the findings, the report presents a proposal of activities to be considered by various labour mobility stakeholders at national and European level, aimed at raising the level of awareness, use and satisfaction with the services among mobile workers and their employers.

  • Strengthen the existing services.
  • Facilitate structural cooperation between the existing labour mobility services.
  • Combine high quality online information with tailored individualised support.
  • Promote and communicate more intensively on the existing services, both towards end-users and social partners acting as intermediaries.


Social partners’ and EURES staff awareness of EU-level labour mobility information and services

Exploring awareness of labour mobility services of EURES affiliated actors and the use of services by workers’ and employers’ representatives.

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