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18 EU Member States participated in road transport inspections in 8 countries organised by ELA this week

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This week, ELA coordinated several joint inspections with participation of authorities from EU Member States. All in all inspections took place in 8 countries. 18 EU Member states participated in the inspections.


Typically, during such inspections the authorities control the application of the Mobility Package and the lex-specialis concerning posting of drivers as well as the compliance with the general rules on driving times and resting periods, the use of the tachograph, maximum load, violations against rules on wages and working time.

ELA and labour inspectorates of the Participating Member States organised, coordinated and executed the inspections in cooperation Road Traffic Authorities as well as Roadpol.

The European Labour Authority (ELA) also supported, and facilitated the participation of observers from the different national authorities of EU Member States.

The European Labour Authority will publish results from the inspections in the coming week.

The countries that participated in the inspections were:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, France, Denmark, Ireland, Malta.

Details of the inspections:

  • Belgium, in Zeebrugge, with participation of Bulgarian authorities.
  • Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad region, with participation of authorities from Croatia, Greece and Latvia
  • Croatia, Zagreb region, with participation of authorities from Estonia, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain
  • Italy, Vicenza, with participation of Slovenia
  • Netherlands, Zwolle region, with participants from Romanian and Lithuanian authorities
  • Lithuania, Klaipeda, with participants from Spanish, Slovak and Polish authorities
  • France, Bordeaux area and another one in Dijon area, with participants from Slovenia and Denmark.
  • Spain, Madrid metropolitan area, with participants from authorities of Ireland and Malta.

In addition, many countries have conducted internal inspections during the week of action. Those countries are:

  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Ireland