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Workshop on posting of Third Country Nationals

Thursday 12 October 2023, 00.00-23.59 (CEST)


The workshop is dedicated to presenting national legislation and practices concerning the necessary preconditions to sending posted third country nationals to other EU Member States. 

 The aims of this workshop are to: 

  • Understand Member States’ legislation as regards the pre-conditions, administrative requirements and prior checks related to the sending and receiving of posted TCNs;  

  • Identify the most relevant aspects for exchange and mutual understanding between practitioners in the competent national authorities. 

ELA, together with the Commission, is promoting the first comprehensive exercise at EU level to address legislative and practical challenges relating to the posting of TCN. This is only the second meeting in a workshop series aimed at exchange of information and mutual understanding between practitioners at competent national authorities. 

The ultimate outputs of the workshops should be: 

  • A learning resource (e.g. a handbook) for national authorities describing national legislation and requirements upon sending and receiving posted TCN;  

  • An update of the European Commission’s Practical Guide on Posting of Workers to clarify some outstanding issues relating to the implementation of relevant EU legislation; 

  • Organisation of dedicated trainings for national authorities on the main legislative aspects concerning the posting of TCN