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Where are the shortages, where are the workers? The drivers behind labour shortages in Europe and how to tackle them

Location: Brussels
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EURES Report on labour shortages and surpluses 2022 launch on 29 March 

The European Coordination Office of EURES (ECO) is pleased to announce a joint ELA – Eurofound event on 29 March 2023, at 9:30 am CET, in Brussels: the event aims at launching the 2022 edition of the ‘EURES Report on labour shortages and surpluses’ and the Eurofound ‘Report on Tackling labour shortages in EU Member States’.

Event on 29 March 2023: where are the shortages, where are the workers?


As Europe’s economies emerge from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, labour shortages are becoming increasingly evident. These include shortages exacerbated by the crisis in some sectors and occupations where they had been endemic for some time, as well as shortages.

In late 2022, job vacancy rates reached unprecedented highs, with ongoing demographic trends raising concerns that recruitment challenges could intensify further in certain sectors, occupations and regions. The fight for talent and the resulting challenges for growth and competitiveness are high on the EU and national policy agenda.

The importance of tackling labour shortages has been recognised by EU institutions, national governments and social partners, and is reflected in country-specific recommendations. A wide range of EU initiatives affect and target this complex phenomenon, including in relation to the green and digital transition, skills, mobility and migration. The European Commission has declared 2023 the European Year of Skills to further emphasise the importance of initial and ongoing skills development to meet Europe’s labour market requirements.

This one-day event brings together EU institutions, national governments and social partners, NGOs and practitioners, to get the latest information on the scale and nature or shortages, the drivers of shortage across the economy and to learn what works and what does not work based on measures implemented at national level to tackle labour shortages in the health, care and information and communications technology sectors, as well as those arising from the twin digital and green transitions, as presented in recent findings and analysis from the European Labour Authority and Eurofound. The event is by invitation only and will also be webstreamed.


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