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Information and services

Facts and figures

Translation of information material
We facilitate translation of Member States' official material related to labour mobility, to EU and non-EU languages.
Website reviews
We organise reviews of national and EU level websites providing information on labour mobility

We reviewed 31 national and EU websites related to labour mobility topics and published a booklet on lessons learnt.

Workshops and information events
We deliver workshops and support national information events

From 2022, we have organised 5 workshops on effective information provision in seasonal work, with more than 100 participants from 13 Member States in total.

How to

Ask for translation facility services

Member State authorities can submit texts used on websites and other communication materials for translation – on topics like cross-border labour mobility or social security. 

Ask for a website review

National authorities from EU Member States can apply for reviews of their websites. We deliver recommendations on how to further improve the accessibility, quality and user-friendliness of relevant information. 

Learn from each other!

ELA has compiled lessons learnt on how to effectively provide information on national posting websites. Any institution wishing to further improve their website can profit from these findings. 

Get inspired by good practices!

Each year, ELA launches a call for good practices to learn about approaches to labour mobility in the Member States. Topics may vary, reflecting ELA’s annual priorities, e.g., information provision in a certain sector.

Know more about

Whether you are worker or employer, discover ELA's campaigns and materials in the construction sector, international road transport, posting of workers, seasonal work.

Latest publications

ELA Booklet - Lessons learnt for single national websites on the posting of workers

English (8.76 MB - PDF)