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Who we are

Our mission

We contribute to ensuring fair and effective labour mobility across the EU and to assist Member States and the European Commission in the coordination of social security systems in the EU.

Our vision

We are trusted partner that proactively contributes addressing present labour mobility issues.

We facilitate concrete and cooperative solutions, benefiting workers and employers, and add value for stakeholders at Member State and EU levels.

We are ready for future challenges in addressing modern labour mobility across the EU.

Our focus

The free movement of workers and services is one of the key pillars of the European Union and seen as one of the main achievements of EU integration. Millions of EU citizens live or work in another Member State. It provides citizens and companies with the opportunity to seek work and provide services across the EU.

The agreed rules need to be properly enforced to ensure fair mobility of individuals and companies

  • We support the effective enforcement of labour mobility rules through structured cooperation and exchange of information between Member States.  
  • We coordinate common activities, such as joint labour inspections and training of national staff on cross-border mobility rules.
  • We mediate cross-border disputes and facilitate solutions.
  • We support Member States in tackling undeclared work.
  • We provide information and employment support services to workers and employers, through the coordination of European employment services (EURES).

Our story

“In a Union of equals, there can be no second class workers. Workers should earn the same pay for the same work in the same place. This is why the Commission proposed new rules on posting of workers. We should make sure that all EU rules on labour mobility are enforced in a fair, simple and effective way by a new European inspection and enforcement body.”

ELA was established on 31 July 2019 (Regulation (EU) 2019/1149 establishing a European Labour Authority) as a European Union body to help strengthen fairness and trust in the internal market.

Since September 2021 ELA has its permanent seat in Bratislava, Slovakia.