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Call for papers ELA TECH Conference

Digital solutions for labour mobility | ELA TECH Conference


ELA TECH Conference 2nd edition | Call for papers

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Overview of the call for papers 2023 - Artificial Intelligence used in Labour Mobility

The objective of European Labour Authority (“ELA” or “the Authority”) is to contribute to ensuring fair and effective labour mobility across the European Union. With its mandate, ELA inter alia promotes sharing and disseminating good practices between the Member States, and strives to improve the availability, quality, accessibility and user-friendliness of information regarding rights and obligations offered to individuals, employers and social partner organisations. 

As per ELA's mandate, the Authority shall also encourage the use of innovative approaches to effective and efficient cross-border cooperation, and shall promote the potential use of digital tools to facilitate the access to data and detection of fraud, thus promoting cooperation and exchange of information between Member States. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an innovative approach uses advanced analytical and logic-based techniques, including machine learning (ML), to interpret events, support and automate decisions and take actions. AI brings a lot of benefits but also comes along with challenges such as data privacy and security concerns, ethical and legal considerations. Furthermore, the use of AI will have considerable impacts on  skill requirements for the certain jobs and the resulting impact on the labour markets.  

Nonetheless, AI is paramount in the world we live in and also a crucial element for  full digital transformation. Thus the search for impactful innovative AI based solution supporting fair and effective labour mobility is the aim for this call for papers.   

There are several areas of labour mobility where ELA is looking for innovative digital solutions. Particularly, AI based digital solution has potential to provide understandable, up to date and easily accessible information on jobs, working conditions and corresponding rights and obligations applicable when exercising labour mobility for individuals, workers and employers.  

Furthermore, AI has potential to increase the capacity of national authorities to gather, process, verify, analyse and exchange data related to mobility of workers in real time and in a secure way.  

The use of AI for the  analysis of labour market related data, application of data analytics or other innovative solutions has potential to support national authorities in better understanding of trends and developments on labour market, including risk assessment and  better enforcement of labour mobility laws across the EU. 

In order to discuss current and future AI based solutions and trends in the area of labour mobility and to enable knowledge sharing, ELA will organise a conference first quarter of 2024 (ELA TECH Conference) with the aim to bring together all relevant players within national authorities, industry and academia to exchange knowledge, expertise and experience, but also to identify new trends, developments and best practices.  

For this purpose, ELA is interested to receive proposals on innovative digital solutions using AI by national authorities, companies, academia or individuals working on related topics which could be presented and discussed during the ELA TECH Conference. 

What is the Authority interested in

An indicative but non-exhaustive list of AI-related topics related to or with potential use at labour mobility field, including labour market or social security that the Authority is interested in and to be presented and discussed at the conference are: 

  • AI based Labour Market Analysis (market trends, predictive modelling, forecasting of skills gaps) 
  • AI based job matching (skill and qualification assessments) 
  • AI based solutions, which enable citizens to use public services , e. g. application for A1 forms, 
  • Leveraging AI for overcoming regulatory barriers and fostering labour mobility   
  • Ethical aspects of applying AI in the field of labour market mobility (fairness, bias, discrimination, etc.)  
  • AI enabled solutions for re-skilling and upskilling of workers 
  • Implications of AI for the European Social Security System and Labour Market Mobility  
  • Practical uses of AI to enhance better secure exchange of information 
  • AI based initiatives for promoting the labour market integration of vulnerable groups of workers, (AI language learning tools)  
  • AI based language learning and cultural adaption tools for work force integration 
  • Other AI related ideas, not presented in the supra mentioned items, that could have potential application in the field of Labour Mobility for cross-border cooperation, including “new” forms of labour mobility, notably platform work, cross-border telework/remote work 

From whom the Authority expects proposals and how they will be used

ELA is looking forward to receive proposals from national authorities, companies, academia or individuals who are willing to potentially present and discuss them in this ELA AI Conference which will take place in the last quarter of 2023/first quarter of 2024. 

All proposals related to or with the potential use in labour mobility, including labour market or social security  are welcome, whether it's from well-established companies in the technological sector, start-ups enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academic institutions or individual initiatives, etc.  

ELA will invite the authors of the selected papers to present at the Conference open for attendance to the National Authorities of the EU Member States responsible for activities under the scope of ELA mandate (such as labour inspectorates, social security institutions, public employment services, etc.), taking into account their: 

  • Relevance and practical use of the solution or idea regarding Labour Mobility,  
  • Added value of the proposed solution for national authorities, regarding workers and employers exercising rights pertaining to free movement 
  • Relevance of the solution for a given sector 
  • Innovativeness regarding the idea or solution used 
  • Cost-benefit of the practical implementation of the proposed solution 
  • Ability to deploy the idea or solution across Member States 
  • Simplification of processes and overcoming administrative burdens 
  • Contribution to the detection and combatting of fraudulent practices and risk assessment 

What format is accepted

The Authority will accept submissions in form of a document explaining and presenting the solutions. In addition to the main document, additional materials can be provided such as videos, audios, presentations or demos of solutions.  

Terms and Conditions

As the aim of the proposals is their potential presentation and discussion during the conference, no sensitive or confidential information shall be included in any of the material submitted to ELA.1 

If selected, the (written) presentations given during the conference may be published in ELA’s website and social media channels. By submitting your proposal to ELA within the context of this call, you agree to the publication of your presentation given at the conference on ELA´s website and its social media channels.  

Furthermore, ELA may publish the audio-visual recordings of the conference on its website and social media channels. If selected to present your proposal at the conference, you agree to the publication of the audio-visual recording of your intervention.  

It is the exclusive responsibility and sole liability of the submitter(s) of the proposals to guarantee full intellectual property ownership and copy rights for the submitted material, or to have the relevant authorisations or licence(s) for its use.2 Attention should also be paid in this respect when using images, logos, photos or trademarks, etc in any written presentation to support your intervention at the conference, if selected.   

There is no obligation or intention by the Authority to purchase any of the selected proposals nor is their participation at the Conference an endorsement of any kind by the Authority or by any of the participants. All the submission process will be conducted in English and the submitted proposals are expected to be written or spoken in English. 

Privacy Statement for ELA TECH Conference

Schedule and submission process

Solutions within the scope of this CALL for PAPERS should be submitted via this link 

Please send us your proposals before 23:00 (Bratislava time), 31 October 2023.  

Do you have any question?

Please send us your questions to the email: conferenceatela [dot] europa [dot] eu (digitalisation[at]ela[dot]europa[dot]eu) or via the contact form  available in the submission webform at EUSurvey - Contact Form (

Personal data protection

Any personal data included in or relating to this Call, including its publication shall be processed by the European Labour Authority pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2018/1725  of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data. 

It shall be processed solely for the purposes of the performance, management and monitoring of this Call by the European Labour Authority without prejudice to possible transmission to the bodies charged with a monitoring or inspection task in conformity with Union law. 

The data subject shall have the right of access to her/his personal data and the right to rectify any such data. Should the data subject have any queries concerning the processing of her/his personal data, the data subject shall address them to the Unit organising this Call, European Labour Authority, Governance and Coordination Unit. The data subject shall have right of recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor. 

ELA Data Protection Officer (DPO) publishes the register of all processing operations on personal data by ELA, which have been documented and notified to her. You may access the register via the following link:

This specific processing operation has been included in the DPO’s public register with the following Record reference: DPR-ELA-2023-0035 ELA call for papers, proposals or ideas.