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Call for expression of interest for experts

Are you an expert on EU labour mobility, and you want to share your knowledge and expertise with others? The ELA gives you the opportunity to do so.


Call for expression of interest - Database of experts

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ELA is launching this call for expression of interest for the purpose of setting up a database of experts who will be supporting the Authority with the fulfilment of its mandate and attainment of its objectives and tasks, as defined in the founding regulation. All eligible applications received will be included in a database of experts who could be engaged in capacity building activities, according to the needs of the Authority. More information is available here.

Duration of the call

This call will be open from the date of publication on ELA’s website for a period of two years and the database is also valid two years from the date of publication of this call for expression of interest on ELA website.

The planned activities to be delivered by the experts

The experts included in the database may be requested by the Authority to provide services related to training and other activities in the fields covered by ELA’s mandate, such as the preparation and delivery of specialised trainings, and preparation of customised training programmes and learning resources. The Authority will provide an expert fee per day (or half day) for the services provided by the expert, including reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs (if applicable). For more details and the description of tasks expected to be performed by experts, please click here.

Who can apply?

The call is open to natural persons, both academics and practitioners with relevant experience in the fields of activity within ELA’s remit. When asked by the Authority to provide services, the experts will act in their own personal capacity. ELA staff, members or alternates of ELA’s Management Board, or employees of any EU Institution, agency or body are not eligible for this call.

We are looking for experts with:

  • Relevant academic and/or practical knowledge and expertise in the field of EU labour mobility, including the legal areas (coordination of social security systems, posting of workers, free movement and social aspects in road transport) and also tasks of the Authority (inspections, mediation, analysis and risk assessment, undeclared work, etc.).
  • Proficient in English language skills, both written and spoken.
  • Experience performing the tasks described in the call.

How can I apply?

To express your interest please fill in the application form available here. By applying, you will consent to the processing of your personal data by the Authority, in accordance with the EU GDPR Regulation. For more information on the processing of personal data please consult this guide.


What happens after inclusion in the database of experts?

Submitted applications will be screened at regular intervals to ensure that the minimum eligibility criteria are met. Applicants who do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements for further selection will be informed.

Subsequently, ELA will contact you only when the need for your expertise arises, to discuss with you your potential contribution to a specific assignment or activity. Your availability to provide the services requested will be confirmed for the particular assignment/activity with corresponding dates and the tasks you are requested to perform. The Officer in charge will be your contact point until completion of the assignment/activity.

Tips for applicants

When completing the application form, please pay attention to the instructions and ensure that you describe your professional experience in the selected fields of expertise thoroughly. This will enable us to understand better your professional experience when selecting experts for specific tasks.

In addition, please do not select all foreign languages in section 5. Language Skills as a ‘mother tongue’ unless you have more than one mother tongue.

If you wish to update the information already submitted in a previous application, you may submit a new application. In this case, only the last application which you submitted will be considered.


For any further information or clarification please write to: capacityatela [dot] europa [dot] eu (capacity[at]ela[dot]europa[dot]eu)