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Strategic priorities

The Platform guides its work to tackle undeclared work according to four strategic priorities:

  • cooperation and joint action
  • mutual learning  
  • increasing knowledge
  • communication and reporting

Each strategic priority and its activities are interlinked and reinforce each other.

Following the setting up of the European Labour Authority in 2019 (ELA), the Platform was integrated into ELA as a permanent working group.

Cooperation and joint action

Platform members and observers are part of a unique EU-wide network where they can benefit from cooperation and joint actions. These include joint inspections and campaigns, which are tailored to meet local needs.

Capacity-building activities, which include staff exchanges and joint activities, mutual assistance projects, and dialogues for peer learning and cross-border actions, promote self-reflection, practical support from peers and can help bring about new policy approaches.

Mutual learning

The Platform focuses on learning from successful approaches, tried and tested in other European countries.

Mutual learning activities through workshops and seminars help members and observers exchange information and improve how they prevent and tackle undeclared work.

Outputs from these activities including learning resource papers and executive summaries can be found in the virtual library.

Increasing knowledge

Studies, surveys and reports on relevant and pertinent topics, which encourage informed policy-making and structural reform, are published by the Platform.

In addition, the Platform produces materials such as:

  • executive summaries
  • learning resources
  • practitioner toolkits
  • transferable practices from its various activities (good practice fiches)

All studies, surveys and documents are available in the virtual library.

Communication and reporting

A strong dimension of the Platform's work is on communication, with an emphasis on increasing public awareness of issues relating to undeclared work as well as rights and obligations of workers and employers.

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