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Social aspects of international road transport

The international road transport sector is crucial for the European economy and its social function. It ensures that citizens have access to essential goods and services. The sector employs almost 5 million people in the EU and because of its mobile nature it also faces several challenges. Drivers in the international road transport sector are highly mobile workers. They regularly cross borders,  work in multiple Member States and their labour and social rights depend on legislation and collective agreements applicable in several Member States.  This also applies to the operators who need to comply with a combination of labour and social terms. That is why the proper exchange of information and good cooperation are essential - and here lies the important role of ELA.

ELA’s activities target the road transport sector as part of its general work area as regards the posting of workers, social security coordination and cooperation between Member States when tackling undeclared work.

In addition, the Authority has a specific mandate related to supporting cross-border administrative cooperation on the social aspects of international road transport sector legislation, in the field of driving times and rest periods, posting of drivers and access to the profession.

Ongoing activities

The Framework for Action on Road Transport  was established in 2022 and ELA continues with coordinated actions in the international road transport sector:

  • coordinating and supporting cross-border roadside and premise checks with targeted joint and concerted inspections
  • promotion of a common understanding of the legislation introduced by the Mobility Package and the exchange of practices between the competent national authorities
  • strengthening cooperation and exchange of information between Member States authorities
  • training sessions for national authorities and transport operators dedicated to the use of road transport declaration portal
  • peer review of national websites that contain information about posting of drivers
  • road transport onsite events (‘roadshows’) in Member States to inform drivers and transport operators about their rights and obligations
  • dedicated communication activities to inform and raise awareness of the rights and obligations related to road transport


  1. 2023


  2. 2022


    ELA’s trainings and workshops for labour transport inspectors, social partners, drivers and operators, are available in multiple languages on our Youtube channel

  3. 2022


    Launch of the IMI-PROVE programme, in cooperation with the European Commission, to improve the use of the IMI System modules for posting of workers and road transport.

    ELA launches a call for good practices in the field of road transport.

    ELA supports large scale inspection in the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium

  4. 2022


  5. 2022

    February - October

    Truck & Bus Action Weeks (February, June, October), co-organised by ELA and ROADPOL.

  6. 2022


EU Legal Framework

Relevant EU legislation in ELA's mandate: 


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  • infoatela [dot] europa [dot] eu (subject: Road%20Transports) (Send a query on social aspects of international road transport)

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