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Corporate documents

Annual Work Programmes

The annual work programme of ELA is part of the Single Programming Document (SPD) of the Agency. It covers the overall strategic and resource programming for the next three years. The SPD has to be adopted by the Management Board and submitted to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council by 31 January each year. 

ELA Single Programming Document 2024-2026 including Annual Work Programme 2024

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Annual Activity Reports

For each financial year, ELA prepares a Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR). It provides information about the achievements related to the key objectives of and activities in the previous year, that were planned in the annual work programme. After the adoption of the CAAR by the Management Board, it is submitted to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission and the Court of Auditors by 1 July each year.

ELA Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2022

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Management Board decisions

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Public access to documents

If you want to request public access to documents under Decision No 8/2020 of 24 April 2020 of the Management Board laying down the rules for applying Regulation (EC) 1049/2001 with regard to European Labour Authority documents, please use the following email: %20complianceatela [dot] europa [dot] eu (compliance[at]ela[dot]europa[dot]eu)