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Concerted and joint inspections

Facts and figures

CJIs in numbers
We enhance cooperation between Member States by coordinating CJIs

From 2021 until 2023: 119 inspections supported, almost 12 000 workers checked in sectors where closer cross-border cooperation is needed (transport, construction, agriculture, food production, HORECA and others).

Targeted and preventive enforcement actions
We support targeted cross-border inspections, as requested by the Member States

We also promote and support sectoral or thematic intensified enforcement actions carried out by the Member States ("weeks of action"). 7 weeks of action were run in 2023.

Promoting a multidisciplinary approach
We promote collaboration among all the actors involved

Over 30 different authorities participated in ELA's CJIs: e.g. labour and social security inspectorates, police, customs, immigration, tax, civil protection authorities. We cooperate with social partner organisations.

How to

Request ELA's support and coordination for a CJI

If you are a national enforcement authority you can submit to ELA a request for a CJI. If you are a national social partner, you can bring cases related to irregularities in the area of labour mobility to ELA attention. 

Tools and procedures for CJI

ELA provides a number of tools and procedures for carrying out concerted and joint inspections in a transparent, effective and timely manner. 


Working group on inspections

Working group on inspections meets twice per year to discuss legal and practical aspects of organising and conducting CJIs.

Training materials

Have a look at the available materials and presentations shared during ELA's trainings on inspections delivered to the national authorities.