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Frame of the video related to the rights of people fleeing from war to the EU

Undeclared work among displaced persons/refugees from Ukraine was discussed at a subgroup meeting of ELA Platform Tackling Undeclared Work in Warsaw today

A newly established subgroup on tackling undeclared work among displaced persons/refugees from Ukraine met in Warsaw today. Different authorities and social partners need to combine their efforts to promote declared work, protect workers’ rights, and address the vulnerabilities and risks possibly faced by the Ukrainian workers when entering the European labour market.

ELAPlatform tackling undeclared work
#EU4FairWork campaign

Making the transition to declared work

Find out more about the several initiatives across the EU to encourage and help workers to choose declared work.

CampaignsPlatform tackling undeclared work
#EU4FairWork campaign

#EU4FairWork: highlights from the Week of Action

The #EU4FairWork Week of Action was the peak of the first ever campaign for declared work launched by the European Platform tackling undeclared work jointly with the European Labour Authority.

CampaignsPlatform tackling undeclared work
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Joining forces across the EU to tackle undeclared work

Undeclared work puts workers at a multitude of risks, undermines public finances and threatens the financial sustainability of social protection systems. While tackling undeclared work is primarily the responsibility of national authorities, this continuing challenge often has an important cross-border dimension.

Platform tackling undeclared workJoining forces across the EU to tackle undeclared work

Tackling undeclared work – success stories from various sectors

The COVID 19 pandemic has placed undeclared workers under the spotlight, particularly in key sectors such as cleaning and care services, agriculture and tourism. What can be done to prevent and address undeclared work in these sectors? This article briefly presents some lessons learned through the European Platform tackling undeclared work since 2016.

CampaignsPlatform tackling undeclared work