NEWS 21 September 2020

The European Labour Authority coordinates its very first concerted inspection

This joint operation saw three EU countries fighting arm in arm against undeclared work in the construction sector. It kicks off the Week of Action of the very first European campaign on the benefits of declared work.

Fair work 4 fair play #EU4FairWork poster

Today, 21 September 2020, marks a historic moment for the European Labour Authority (ELA) – an EU agency created in 2019 to help EU countries ensure that EU rules on labour mobility are respected.

For the very first time, the European Labour Authority has supported a concerted inspection, investigating construction companies in Belgium, Lithuania and Portugal. After months of preparation and unexpected setbacks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, ELA staff has joined labour inspectors on the field.

This concerted action represents a turning point in labour inspections across Europe. The inspectors have tested shared tools and procedures developed with the European Labour Authority, thus inaugurating a new course of action in the fight against undeclared work. In the context of an increasingly interconnected European labour market, it is crucial that EU countries are united in tackling this common challenge.

ELA’s first ever inspection focused on a sector – that of construction – that is particularly affected by undeclared work in the whole European Union. According to 2017 data, the construction sector accounts for nearly 20% of all undeclared work taking place in the EU.

Today’s inspection also marks the beginning of the #EU4FairWork’s campaign Week of Action (21-25 September). During this week, an array of activities organized by members of the European Platform tackling undeclared work will take place across Europe, in the form of both online and in person events.

The European Labour Authority will also be active on some of these initiatives. Follow our LinkedIn and Twitter channels to remain updated!