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What we do

What we do

ELA is established to help strengthen fairness and trust in the internal market by assisting Member States and the European Commission to ensure that EU rules on labour mobility and social security coordination are fairly and effectively enforced and by making it easier for citizens and businesses to obtain the benefits of the internal market.

ELA does this by performing the following tasks:

  • Facilitating access to information for individuals and employers on labour mobility
  • Supporting Member States in promoting cross-border job matching and coordination of EURES;
  • Facilitating cooperation and the exchange of information between Member States;
  • Coordinating and supporting concerted and joint inspections
  • Carrying out analyses and risk assessment on issues related to cross-border labour mobility;
  • Supporting Member States with capacity building in the field of labour mobility;
  • Supporting Member States in tackling undeclared work;
  • Mediate disputes between Member States on the application of relevant Union law.

ELA’s Work Programmes

Each year ELA prepares and presents a detailed work programme with its actions and activities for the upcoming year. The annual work programme is part of the Single Programming Document (SPD) of the Authority, which covers the overall strategic programming and resource programming for the next three years. The SPD has to be adopted by the Management Board and submitted to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council by 31 January each year.

ELA Single Programming Document 2023-2025 including Annual Work Programme 2023

ELA Single Programming Document 2022-2024 including Annual Work Programme 2022

ELA Work Programme 2021

Revised ELA Work Programme 2020

Amendment of ELA Work Programme 2020

Decision No 3-2020 – non-substantial amendment ELA Work Programme 2020

ELA Work Programme 2019

Annual Reports

For each financial year, ELA prepares a Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR). It provides information on the achievement of key objectives and activities planned in the annual work programme. After being adopted by the Management Board, the CAAR is submitted to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission and the Court of Auditors by 1 July each year.

ELA Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2022

ELA Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2021

ELA Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2020

ELA Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2019

Financial documents

The below list contains financial documents that are made available to the public:






ELA's Working groups

According to ELA’s founding regulation the Authority has the possibility to set up working groups to fulfil a specific task or regarding a particular policy area. To this date ELA has four dedicated working groups in which representatives from Member States, the European Commission and social partners share their expertise on the dedicated subject.

Currently, ELA has the following active working groups:

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