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Celebrating Rights for All Seasons campaign, highlights from the Platform

A new Rights for All Seasons campaign compilation video has been published, celebrating the activities undertaken by the European Platform tackling undeclared work.

Compilation video of Platform activities as part of the 2021 Rights for All Seasons campaign

The European platform tackling undeclared work (the Platform) brings together relevant authorities and actors involved in fighting undeclared work, to tackle this issue effectively, while respecting national competences and procedures.

As part of the Rights for All Seasons campaign (#Rights4AllSeasons), the Platform has aimed to inform seasonal workers about their rights to fair and safe working and living conditions; and to sensitise employers concerning the benefits and obligations to declare workers and the risk of sanctions. Throughout the campaign, the Platform has conducted a wide range of interesting and effective initiatives including: web articles and videos, TV interviews, published materials and distributed leaflets, and a successful social media campaign using the hashtags #Rights4AllSeasons and #EU4FairWork. 

This compilation video celebrates the activities undertaken by the Platform throughout the Rights for All Seasons campaign. 
Visit ELA campaign page for more information:

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