NEWS 07 APRIL 2020

Four years on: European Platform acts as catalyst for cross-border cooperation to tackle undeclared work, but challenges remain

The Commission adopted a report on Member States’ cooperation in tackling undeclared work, evaluating the efforts of the European Platform tackling Undeclared Work.

#EU4FairWork: Campaign for declared work

The Commission has adopted a report on Member States’ cooperation in tackling undeclared work. It highlights that the European Platform tackling Undeclared Work has acted as a catalyst for change, bringing together Member States’ enforcement authorities (labour inspectorates, tax and social security authorities) and social partners to learn from each other and act together. It also contributed to the modernisation of enforcement bodies tackling undeclared work across the EU.

The report is part of the #EU4FairWork campaign, launched on 2 March 2020. This is the first EU campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of declared work.

The Platform will in the coming months be included as a permanent working group within the European Labour Authority, which will allow addressing some of the challenges that emerged over the Platform’s first years of operation.

A framework Contract to Support the European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work is open until 10 July 2020. Find out more here.