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Road Transport infographic

ELA’s Framework for Action on Road Transport: outcomes and way forward

Training sessions and workshops with over 1 400 participants, 3 weeks of action and 26 Joint Inspections, over 125 million impressions in Road2Fair Transport Campaign, and much more done during one year of work under the ELA Framework for Action in Road Transport 2022.

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slide with road transport campaign corporate image and a picture with traffic on a highway

Another training session on road transport soon available on ELA YouTube channel

The European Labour Authority (ELA) and the European Commission organised an online training session dedicated to the road transport sector on Monday 14 November 2022 to support socially responsible, fairer, and more efficient road transport practices in the EU. The training focused on promoting the new rules and obligations introduced by the Mobility Package I in relation to return of the vehicle, regular weekly rest outside of the cabin and classification of infringements.

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