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Rights for all seasons: European Labour Authority supports fair work for seasonal workers

Today, the European Labour Authority (ELA) launches the awareness-raising campaign ‘Rights for all seasons’, calling attention to the need to promote fair and safe working conditions for seasonal workers employed across EU countries. Led by the European Labour Authority alongside the European Commission, the European Platform tackling undeclared work, the EURES network, EU countries and social partners, the campaign will run between June and October 2021

Rights for all seasons - Fair work is not seasonal

It is estimated that every year, up to 850,000 EU citizens engage in seasonal work outside their country of origin. Mobile seasonal workers have the same rights to fair working conditions when working in another EU country, with the same labour and social rights as local workers. However, given the temporary nature of their work, they can be more vulnerable to precarious working and living conditions, fraud and abuse. The Covid19 pandemic has aggravated seasonal workers’ conditions, and exposed them to increased health risks. 

To address these challenges on the ground and safeguard seasonal workers’ fair working conditions, the European Labour Authority is carrying out an Action Plan together with the European Commission, EU Member States and social partners. As part of this integrated action, the communication campaign “Rights for all seasons” aims to raise the awareness of mobile seasonal workers and their employers of their rights, obligations, and of available counselling services.

Mr. Cosmin Boiangiu, Executive Director of the European Labour Authority, said: “ELA was created to support EU countries and social partners in ensuring that mobile workers and employers benefit from fair working conditions across borders. Seasonal workers are key for important sectors of our economy and their activity was particularly vulnerable to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. We are happy to start delivering on our mission by supporting them. EU Member States and social partners know that they can count on ELA to raise awareness on rights and obligations and to support the enforcement of EU and national legislation. Fair work is not seasonal.

As part of its Action Plan on seasonal workers, ELA is also organising workshops with national administrations and social partners to collect and share practices on information dissemination and the provision of on assistance and services available to seasonal workers and employers. The Authority also stands ready to support cross-border coordinated and joint inspections targeting seasonal work sectors, exchange methods and practices with national labour inspectorates, and propose staff exchange visits across EU countries. To learn more about the campaign, or to obtain information as a seasonal worker or employer, visit the webpage

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