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Inspectors from EU Member States met for the first time in person to discuss concerted and joint inspections

A workshop with the focus on road transport, construction and seasonal work was organised by ELA and the Spanish Labour Inspectorate’s National Training Center in Madrid, last week. 

people gathering in a room attending the workshop in Madrid

Labour and social security inspectors from EU Member States gathered in Madrid in a workshop on concerted and joint inspections on 19th - 21st October

For the first time inspectors from MS had the opportunity to meet in person to exchange their experiences on the most common cross-border irregularities, discuss practical cases and ways how to tackle irregularities by carrying out cross-border inspections. Discussions were supported by interventions of several EU Labour Mobility experts in the fields of road transport, construction and seasonal work. National experts who took part in concerted and joint inspections over the past two years could share their insights. 

Cross-border infringements and irregularities faced by national authorities require an efficient collaborative transnational approach: this workshop represents a further step for labour and social security inspectors who regularly engage in concerted and joint inspections to build their professional relationships and promote knowledge sharing.