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ELA’s Framework for Action on Road Transport: outcomes and way forward

Training sessions and workshops with over 1 400 participants, 3 weeks of action and 26 Joint Inspections, over 125 million impressions in Road2Fair Transport Campaign, and much more done during one year of work under the ELA Framework for Action in Road Transport 2022.

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In 2022, the Authority successfully improved several activities in the Road Transport sector, under its Framework for Action on Road Transport it:

  • strengthened the cooperation between Member State authorities delivering training sessions and workshops with over 1 400 participants involved;
  • organized and supported 26 joint and concerted cross-border inspections to support Member States with the enforcement of the rules;
  • provided information to drivers and operators active in the sector, reaching 125 million impressions with the Road2FairTransport social media campaign and other communications activities.

Download the brochure "ELA framework for action in road transport 2022" here.


Fostering cooperation between Member State authorities: training sessions and workshops

Together with the European Commission, ELA organized five training sessions for Member State authorities (focusing on road transport of passengers, fighting the letterbox companies, the new IMI Modules in road transport, the revised social legislation, including driving and rest time).

Furthermore, ELA organised a training sessions for road transport operators on the Road Transport Posting Declaration Portal. The sessions are available on ELA YouTube Channel (see Resources below).

ELA also supported two national events bringing together the authorities from different Member States to discuss common challenges in the implementation of road transport legislation.

The Authority promoted and supported the use of digital tools, especially by the new Internal Market Information (IMI) System modules for road transport and ERRU.

Under the 2022 call for good practices ELA received six good practices from Member States on the enforcement of road transport legislation.


26 cross-border joint inspections in the road transport sector

In 2022, ELA coordinated and supported 26 cross-border joint inspections in the road transport sector in cooperation with Roadpol, identifying over 600 infringements i.a. of tachograph rules, driving & resting times, irregularities in relation to posted workers, undeclared work, payment of wages, and possible bogus self-employment. Joint inspections are a valuable opportunity for the Member States to exchange practices in the way they conduct enforcement practices and evaluate risks related to abuse of EU legislation.


#Road2FairTransport awareness-raising campaign and other information support activities

In 2022 ELA, launched the EU-wide multilingual information and awareness-raising campaign #Road2FairTransport, in close cooperation with campaign partners in Member States, social partners and the European Commission.

The campaign covered changes brought by the Mobility Package 1 and was designed to reach drivers and operators with information about the applicable EU social legislation in the road transport sector. It included a social media campaign, a targeted outdoor advertising campaign with informative billboards and posters placed along one of Europe’s main highways, a campaign website, as well as leaflets, posters, templates, and thematic videos. The communication materials were also distributed during local in-presence events (Roadshows) in three Member States.

ELA facilitated a review of web pages on the Your Europe portal dedicated to posting activities in the road transport sector and supported the revision of three national websites.


ELA’s efforts in the Road Transport sector in 2023 and beyond

The coordinated actions under the Framework for Action on Road Transport clearly demonstrated the added value that the Authority can bring to support national and EU efforts. ELA’s efforts in the Road Transport sector will continue in 2023 and beyond.

The successful inspections in the road transport sector will be further expanded, in 2023: dedicated weeks of action will take place and ELA aspires to increase the cross-border roadside and premises checks with targeted joint and concerted inspections.

ELA will continue to strengthen the cross-border cooperation and information exchange between Member States, delivering programmes for mutual learning and understanding. Among others, ELA will continue organising training sessions for national authorities and operators dedicated to the road transport sector. The Authority will continue promoting a common understanding of the legislation introduced by the Mobility Package and the exchange of practices between the competent national authorities.

Road transport roadshows in Member States with onsite events to inform drivers and operators on their rights and obligations are already planned in Latvia, Germany and Poland in 2023.

Finally, ELA will remain present in the sector with dedicated communication activities and material and templates that have been used during last year’s campaign will remain available and be updated where needed.




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