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ELA and European Platform tackling undeclared work launch game on declared work

As part of the Rights for All Seasons – Campaign on Seasonal Workers, the European Labour Authority, together with the European Platform tackling undeclared work has launched an interactive game through which you can interact and experience how declared work benefits all.

game image

Undeclared work puts workers at a multitude of risks, fuels unfair competition and undermines public finances. This game aims to raise awareness and illustrate what could occur when engaging with undeclared work, a practice that is in itself illegal but remains a challenge across the EU.

Which character would you like to be? If you are playing the game as an employer you can choose to be Hanna, who took over the family farm growing fruits and is looking to employ seasonal workers in preparation for the harvest; or Alfonso, the owner of several hotels in an area popular with tourists who is looking to employ seasonal workers to support his business during the busy season.

Alternatively, if you are a seasonal worker, you can choose to be Peter, a recent school graduate living at home with his parents, or Ada, who has recently been granted a seasonal work permit for an EU country who wants to change employer because the workers are not treated well in her current seasonal job.

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities. Choose your character, make your decisions, and create your own story!

The game is available is all official EU languages, with some selected non-EU languages to be added soon!

Play it now: Find your way to fair and declared work: play the game! | European Labour Authority (