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Bevers and Wołoszyn re-elected as chair and deputy chair of the Management Board. The construction sector will be the focus for 2023.

The 11th Management Board adopted ELA's priorities for the next year, with a focus on the construction sector in 2023. Tom Bevers and Agniezska Woloszyn re-elected as chair and deputy chair respectively of the ELA’s Management Board.

workers in the construction sector

The 11th meeting of the ELA Management Board just finished in ELA premises. Representatives of Member States, social partners, the Commission and the independent expert appointed by the European Parliament met for two days in Bratislava, Slovakia. First point on the agenda of the meeting was the elections of the chair and deputy chair of the ELA’s Management Board, where Tom Bevers and Agniezska Woloszyn were re-elected to serve second three years term as chair and deputy chair.

The Management Board also discussed and approved ELA’s priorities for the next years and had an intensive discussion on ELA’s focus on the construction sector in 2023. Subcontracting chains, the posting of workers, including third country nationals and the need to provide workers with good information about working conditions were some of the areas and topics where ELA should focus its activities on in 2023 in this sector.

“Companies working in constructions are the biggest industrial employers in the EU. In addition, there is a high volume of posted workers active in this sector. These factors, combined with other challenges for workers and businesses in the sector determined our focus on the construction sector in 2023. ELA will work together with Member States and social partners, and we will concentrate our resources to contribute to fair labour mobility in Europe for construction workers and employers”, said Mr. Cosming Boiangiu introducing the 2023 focus on construction sector.

ELA also provided updates on its work in the road transport sector, including the successful start of the #Road2FairTransport campaign, which seeks to address the information gaps for drivers and operators in the road transport sector.

Building on the successful cooperation in organising the joint event dedicated to Youth in the European Parliament in September, the Management Board approved the further strengthening of the cooperation with EU sister agencies Cedefop and EU-OSHA. The cooperation agreements will maximise synergies between the agencies and provide for an even deeper cooperation.