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Peer learning dialogue: Improving cross-government data and information exchange at the national level and identifying good practices

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The aim of this peer learning dialogue was to produce recommendations and suggested actions which Platform members could implement in their national practices, and where mutual learning at ELA and Platform level could occur to prevent all authorities from having to "reinvent the wheel”.

As a first step towards the establishment of efficient cross-border information sharing procedures, the discussions focused on the improvement of national-level data exchange practices.

Representatives from five countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Latvia, Portugal) discussed this topic in three meetings held during October and November 2021:

1. Identifying and overcoming challenges related to data availability, political will, trust, national legal framework, and internal procedures.

2. Identifying and overcoming challenges related to IT infrastructure and technical requirements.

3. Sharing feedback on the feasibility of actions/recommendations/proposals in terms of challenges and tips on overcoming them, and information/evidence on specific proposals. Agreement on the key actions/proposals/recommendations to ELA and Platform members.

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