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Road Transport

The international road transport sector constitutes an increasingly important area for the operations of the European Labour Authority (ELA). Enforcing EU legislation addressing the social aspects of specific legislation in a highly mobile environment raises numerous challenges.

These challenges touch upon the main objectives and areas of activity of ELA, including ensuring transparent information to drivers and operators, facilitating and enhancing cooperation between the relevant national authorities in the support of concerted and joint inspections, support to capacity building, and supporting cooperation in tackling undeclared work.

The Authority mobilises its resources to support the stakeholder community in the road transport sector, to enforce the social aspects of the sectoral EU legislation falling in ELA’s remit. To do so, ELA, in December 2021 proposed and consulted a Framework for Action with a set of initiatives to start in late 2021, throughout the year 2022 and beyond. Its final outcome will shortly be published and the afore-mentioned set of actions will be presented.

Building on ELA’s cross-border inspections that already took place ( ), ELA, in close cooperation with the European enforcement organisations, are proposing our support and assistance to the national enforcement authorities in launching or participating in cross-border concerted or joint inspections (CJIs). If you would like to know more, please contact us at  

MOBILITY PACKAGE 1 - Focus on the new modules and the public interface (posting declaration portal) of the IMI System for the Road Transport.

The Authority in December 2021, organized together with the European Commission a series of information sessions and hands-on trainings on the new modules and the public interface (Posting Declaration Portal) of the IMI System targeting the national enforcement authorities and the representatives of the road transport operators.

Here below you will find the materials and the video recording of the information session dedicated to the national enforcement authorities on the IMI system for the road transport sector, that took place on the 9th of December 2021 during the ELA Workshop on Road Transport:

Here below you will find the materials and video recording of the training sessions on the use of the posting declaration portal for road transport, dedicated to the representatives of the road transport operators, that took place on the 14th and 16th of December 2021:

ELA has also supported the translation of the necessary learning resources into the relevant EU languages. Once they are available, you will find them here.

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ELA’s partners:

  • European social partner organisations in road transport sector
  • European enforcement organisations
  • European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


*[Latest update on 14 January 2022]