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Working with us

We offer a range of career opportunities in the areas of labour mobility, social security coordination and also HR, finance, communication, ICT, and more

Working with us

If you are motivated to ensure that the EU rules on labour mobility are enforced in a fair, simple and effective way, ELA is the place for you.

Check the opportunities to join us!

  • Job opportunities as TA, CA and SNE at ELA:  open vacancies.
  • Interim positions 
  • Traineeship Programme

For more information, please visit our FAQs section.

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Recruitment updates

ELA ongoing selection procedures
Vacancy Profile Grade # of submitted applications Pre-selection phase Assessment phase to establish reserve list
ELA/CA/2023/20 Policy Officer CA FG IV 265 11/2023 11/2023
ELA/CA/2023/19 Information Management Officer CA FG IV 102 11/2023 11.2023
ELA/CA/2023/18 Administrative Assistant CA FG III 207 11/2023 11/2023
ELA/CA/2023/17 Events Officer CA FG IV 171 11/2023 11/2023
ELA/CA/2023/16 EURES Data Analysis Officer CA FG IV 83 10/2023 11/2023
ELA/AD/2023/12 Senior Labour Mobility Officer - Risk Assessment and Analysis AD7 102 10/2023 11/2023


ELA completed selection procedures with valid Reserve Lists
Vacancy Profile Grade # of submitted applications Validity of the Reserve List
ELA/TR/2023 Traineeship Programme 2023/2024 TR 452 N/A
ELA/CA/2023/14 Legal Officer CA FG IV 122 31.12.2024
ELA/AD/2023/11 Brussels Liaison Officer AD7 205 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/07 EURES Portal Business Analysis Officer AD6 99 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/06 Senior Labour Mobility Officer - Information and Services AD7 122 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/05 Senior Labour Mobility Officer - Enforcement and Analysis AD7 63 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/04 Labour Mobility Officer - Inspections AD6 122 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/03 Labour Mobility Officer - Strategic Analysis and Risk Assessment AD6 62 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/02 Labour Mobility Officer - Operational Analysis and Risk Assessment AD6 79 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2023/01 Senior Social Security Coordination Officer AD7 59 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/16 Communications Officer AD5 139 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/15 Head of Sector: Labour Mobility Analyses and Risk Assessment AD8 41 31.12.2023
ELA/SNE/2022/14 SNE Labour mobility analyses and risk assessment SNE 22 31.12.2023
ELA/SNE/2022/13 SNE Tackling Undeclared Work SNE 43 31.12.2023
ELA/SNE/2022/12 SNE Labour Mobility Information and Services SNE 34 31.12.2023
ELA/SNE/2022/11 SNE EURES SNE 31 31.12.2023
ELA/CA/2022/10 Finance and Procurement Assistant CA FG III 98 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/09 Human Resources Officer AD6 109 31.12.2023
ELA/SNE/2022/08 SNE Capacity Building SNE 43 31.12.2023
ELA/ASTSC/2022/07 Administrative Assistant AST/SC2 179 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/06 Labour Mobility Officer  AD6 188 31.12.2023
ELA/AST/2022/05 Operational Assistant AST3 167 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/03 Senior ICT Solutions Development Officer AD7 50 31.12.2023
ELA/AST/2022/02 Communications Assistant AST/SC2 97 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2022/01 Head of Sector - Finance and Procurement  AD8 48 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2021/14 Labour Mobility Officer AD6 175 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2021/13 Head of Sector AD8 128 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2021/09 EURES Portal Business Manager AD7 64 31.12.2023
ELA/CA/2021/08 Human Resources Assistant CA, FG III 132 31.12.2023
ELA/CA/2021/07 Data Protection and Legal Officer CA, FG IV 91 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2021/06 Senior Labour Mobility Officer AD7 191 31.12.2023
ELA/AST/2021/01 Internal Control and Audit Assistant AST4 86 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2020/009 Communications Officer AD7 202 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2020/006 Budget Officer AD6 287 31.12.2023
ELA/AD/2020/005 Legal Officer AD7 241 31.12.2023


ELA completed selection procedures with no longer valid Reserve Lists
Vacancy Profile Grade # of submitted applications Validity of the Reserve List
ELA/SNE/2023/13 SNE - Labour Mobility: Transport Sector SNE 17  
ELA/AD/2021/10 Head of Cooperation and National Liaison Officers (NLOs) Office (Head of Sector) AD9 107 31.12.2022
ELA/AST/2021/05 Operational Assistant AST3 167 31.12.2022
ELA/SNE/2021/02 Seconded National Experts (SNE) - Various profiles SNE 181 30.06.2022
ELA/AST/2021/04 ICT Assistant AST3 36 31.12.2021

HR Assistant

AST4 116 31.12.2021
ELA/AD/2020/003 Business Manger – EURES Portal AD7 214 31.12.2021
ELA/AST/2019/006 Administrative Assistant AST3 508 31.12.2021
ELA/AD/2019/005 Programming & Reporting Officer AD5 773 31.12.2021
ELA/AD/2019/004 Labour Mobility Officer AD5 509 31.12.2021
ELA/AD/2020/007 Senior Labour Mobility Officer AD7 156 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2020/004 Head of Unit – Labour Mobility AD9 172 31.12.2020
ELA/CA/2020/002 Finance and Procurement Assistant CA, FG III 164 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2020/002 Head of Sector – Human Resources AD7 105 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2020/001 Head of Unit – Resources AD9 143 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2019/003 Procurement Officer AD5 367 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2019/002 Head of Sector - HR AD7 122 31.12.2020
ELA/AD/2019/001 Head of Sector - Finance & Procurement AD7 142 31.12.2020


Interim positions at ELA

ELA may occasionally require additional temporary (interim) workers who will be hired through our service provider Civitta Eesti AS. Those hired by the service provider will work at ELA´s premises but will not be employed by ELA.

If you would be interested in this type of opportunity, we suggest you to register on


The ELA traineeship programme is an opportunity for enthusiastic university graduates to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of our Units. The traineeship will last 6 months (with possibility of extension) and will be based in our office in Bratislava.

The call was published in April, with the aim for the traineeship to start in October 2023.

How to apply?
You can find more details in the Call for Traineeship 2023/2024. 

When you find a profile that fits your interest and/or knowledge, make sure to read How to apply and Rules governing the traineeship programme!

Call for traineeship 2023/2024

Protection of personal data - privacy statement

How to apply on EU CV online

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